Which Servers are best for Free Fire?

Free Fire is one of the world’s most famous action games. It is a multiplayer fighting game where the players can play either individually or in teams. It is an online game and you will require a stable interment connection to stay in the game and access its feature. The player has to compete with the Free Fire players around the world, either solo or in teams. The one who survives till the last will be considered the winner and he / she will receive huge rewards.

Free Fire is like an online worldwide Battle Royale, where anyone can play with other players from any place. The servers of the game store information about the whole game. Besides, it is also responsible for game performance. As the player makes an account on the Free Fire game, his data will be stored on the game servers. And the player will be able to access his account from any device.

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The servers are also responsible for the smooth processing of the game. It enables the gameplay to work efficiently and connects players around the world. These are the game servers through which you are able to find and connect with your nearest friends and teammates. These game servers store and maintain the data of gamers.

Free Fire servers also maintain their data weekly. There are separate servers for each country due to language and cultural differences.The cultural differences also have an evident impact on the servers as each country has its local and national holidays on unique dates. These holidays impact the load on the servers.

A local holiday means more gamers and more load on the servers. Therefore you can use the servers to manage the game load. You can change the servers of Free Fire if one server is not working efficiently.

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Free-Fire Best Servers in the world:

Each of the servers has unique characters and offers different services to the Free Fire Players. Each country’s server has unique tournaments and surprise gifts for its Free Fire player.  For Instance, you can use Thailand and Vietnam servers for free diamonds in Free Fire.

For multiple offers and packages, you can use Indonesian Servers. Indian Server is the best for efficient prices. Meanwhile, you can use Brazil Server for the latest updates in Free Fire. Some of the best Free Fire servers are enlisted here as follows:

  • India (IND)
  • Thailand (TH)
  • Europe (EU)
  • Vietnam (VN)
  • Singapore (SG)
  • Indonesia (ID)
  • Taiwan (TW)
  • Brazil (B)
  • Russian (RU) 
  • Middle East (MENA)
  • North America (NA)
  • United States of America( US)
  • Pakistan (PK)
  • South America (SAC)
  • Bangladesh (BD)

Indian Servers

With more than 25 million gamers, the Indian servers are the most potent server for Free Fire. It has 4+ million subscribers on YouTube.

Advantages of Indian Servers

  • Free characters events
  • Free Melle weapons skins
  • One diamond top-up event
  • Low Prices
  • Uptime 99.8%

Indonesian Server

Indonesian Server has over 10 million active players and it has more than 4 million subscribers on its YouTube channel. It provides you with more than 35 custom weapons.

Advantages of Indonesian Server

  • No frame drops during Gameplay
  • Free in-game gifts
  • Free Panda and Shiba pet
  • Invitations for free tournaments
free fire game

Thailand Server

Thailand’s Free Fire server is one of the best servers built by graphical experts. It has over 9 million players and more than 3 million YouTube subscribed members.

Advantages of Thailand Server

  • Latest Events
  • Special airdrop
  • Up to 99.8 % uptime
  • Free Parachute
  • Free Grenade

Brazilian Server

The Brazilian Server is one of the biggest servers of Free Fire around the World with more than 50 million players. It has over 8 million Youtube subscribers.

Advantages of Brazilian Server

  • No Lagging during Game
  • Invitations for custom rooms
  • Free Mechanical puppy and Poring pet
  • Free in-game gifts
free fire game

Mexico Server

It is another largest server, with more than 25 million active players and more than 6.5 million YouTube channel subscribers. This server is also known as the LATAM.

Advantages of Mexico Server

  • Latest Free Fire Events
  • Free Emotes
  • Free DJ Alok and many more character
  • Special Gold Royal bundle

Hiroshima Server

The Hiroshima server has over 7 million active players with more than 3 million YouTube Subscribers

Advantages of Hiroshima Server

  • Free Elite pass
  • Free Gloo wall
  • Free Scar and Draganova Gun
  • Free Vehicle
  • Free Pirate’s flag emote

Europe’s Free Fire Server

It is another one of the largest Free Fire servers with more than 7 million active users and over 3 million YouTube subscribed game members. It has up to 96.4% uptime, with many influencers playing Free Fire on this server.

 How to change the Server in Garena Free-Fire:

Players can access many servers, but they will be able to use many servers on one account, which means one server can be used for one Free Fire account. To access any specific server you have to create a new account for it.

You can change the change your free fire servers by using the following guidelines:

  • If you already have a Free Fire account of Free Fire, then log out of the account.
  • Go to Google Play and write “VPN” in the search bar. There will be many options for VPN. Install any of your favorite VPN app.
  • Open the VPN and select any of the country’s server to which you want to connect your VPN.
  • If the server is successfully connected to VPN, open your Free Fire.
  • Click on new account icon to create a new account and complete all the details.
  • By doing this, you will be able to access the country’s server which you have chosen. You will be able to enjoy the unique gifts and events of your chosen country’s server.

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