Which Player has the highest level in Mini Militia? [2023]

Mini Militia, also famous as Doodle Army 2 among gamers, is a military fighting game with doodle characters. It is multiplayer which can be played individually or in teams. It takes up 43 MBs of minimal space and can be played on androids and on PCs. The game has 3D visuals with amazing cartoon characters. The game is popular among players due to its outstanding features, multiplayer mode, in-game mini-games, and puzzles. The player can fight and play with their team in a group of 6 people. With over 3 million downloads, the game has 4.5 star ratings, which presents the gamer’s satisfaction level.

Top-Ranked Players Names in Mini Militia:

Top Level/RankPlayers NamesProgressing Rate
2JDK Kamalkar100%
mini militia mod apk

The player who gets the highest score becomes the number one lead player. The players must rematch and play the game constantly to maintain their name among the leading board players. To get the highest rank in Mini Militia, we will present you with a guideline. You can follow these steps to become the number one player of Mini Militia.

  • Open your Mini Militia game app.
  • Click the “Battle” icon on your homepage. Move to the “Team Death Match” icon, and select the map with less than 10 players.
  • You can use the same setting and select multiple Players if you wish for a higher-level match.
  • When the game starts, you can egress those players you don’t want in the upper level with you. You will be rewarded XP if you win this level.
  • Next, you must connect another game with fewer players by connecting this map with another one.
  • Evacuate this game from your account that is not on a higher level, it will reward your other account XP and you will be on a higher level.
  • To earn the top ranking, you must eliminate the first opponent.
  • Killing an enemy will give you boundaries.
  • Target your enemies and shoot them at the battle place.
  • You can hide behind the buildings and wait for your enemies to shoot them, this is how you will get a high ranking in the game.
  • You can also hide in the corner and shoot your competitors with weapons.
  • This is how you can win against your competitors and win a top ranking in Mini Militia.

What is the highest Rank in Mini Militia?

The Chief is the highest rank in Mini Militia Mod Apk. Getting to the highest level is quite tricky and challenging. You will require 1000 to 5000 EXP to reach the highest rank. You will need confidence, skills, passion and steadiness to reach this level.

The players will have to play the game daily in order to get the top rank and maintain it. The ranks in Mini Militia are the same as the military ranks in the US army. In Mini Militia, the players get badges for their accomplishments.

The ranks in Doodle army 2 do not depend upon the proficiency of the player and his skills to achieve more. Rather it relies on the experience of the player he has participated in how many battles.

Mini Militia all Ranks / Procession:

In Mini Militia, there are 21 ranks in total. Players will require at least 100 EXPs to obtain their next rank. One of the most popular ranks is the Private rank in Mini Militia. The second best rank is the Private First Class, and the top position among the ranks is Chief. All the army ranks in Mini Militia are enlisted below:

  1. Private
  2. Private First Class
  3. Corporal
  4. Sargent
  5. Staff Sergeant
  6. Sergeant first class
  7. Master Sergeant
  8. First Sergeant
  9. Sergeant Major
  10. Second Lieutenant
  11. First Lieutenant
  12. Captain
  13. Major
  14. Lieutenant colonel
  15. Colonel
  16. Brigadier General
  17. Major General
  18. Lieutenant General
  19. General
  20. General of the Army
  21. Commander in chief
Which Player has the highest level in Mini Militia?

Mini Militia procession System:

The Ranking System or the procession system is one of the unique features of Mini Militia which tempts the players to do their best in the game. It motivates the players to be the best Player and mark their names among the game’s top players. The players can compare themselves with others in ranking, the achieved rewards, lottery wins and the upper ranks.

The processions in Mini Militia are enlisted below:

  • Novice: 

When the players start to play the game, they get their first procession as Novices.

  • Professional: 

In the Mini Militia, the players must win 20 matches to qualify for the Professional procession.

  • Veteran: 

In the Mini Militia, the players must win 40 matches to qualify for Veteran procession.

  • Amateur: 

To achieve the Amateur procession, the players must win 10 games to qualify for this procession.

Points to Increase fast Ranks in Mini Militia:

You can follow the guidelines described below to obtain a higher level of Mini-Militia:

  • When the match starts in Mini Militia, players should never conclude running into the war and shooting their enemies.
  • The players then should proceed in the opposite direction of the bomb pitch.
  • When no one sees you, quickly reload the Bullets.
  • You must contain at least two firearms in your possession.
  • Put a small bomb hurling towards the target.
  • Players can use sniper bullets rather than small handguns. The Shotgun and the Sniper are the best combinations of the two bullets.
  • Defend yourself against enemies. You should sit down when enemies hurl bombs towards you.
  • Players can play with the military camp map because it is the shortest one, which can help you obtain the highest level in Mini Militia.
  • Players can use their bullets correctly and get a better conclusion after it.
  • Players use the “Mini Militia Pro Pack” to quickly get to the highest rank. It is a simple way to get a higher rank in a short time.
  • Players can also use “Mini Militia Mod apk” with limitless ammo and nitro. Using this mod apk version, players can obtain a top-rated rank faster in this game.

Additional Points for obtaining a Higher rank in mini Militia:

  • You can create your own family in the game, as many players make their families to earn coins.
  • Buy Bullet with your money, as Mini Militia has a variety of bullets. You can buy it with money to unlock all the surcharge things. It will help you to get your 1st rank faster.
  • Obtaining the Highest Rank depends on your ability, become the strongest Player and kill many enemies in this game and get a higher level.
  • Don’t waste your coin on the Military as the new update of the Mini Militia military has restored weapons. So you need to save your money and buy new weapons with headshot percentages. 
  • Protect yourself to survive in this game. Be careful with your health as if you get injured, you cannot play this game and can never get a higher rank.
  • A match is arranged for you to practice your skills. You must go to the war place with arrangements and practice. Take your time to prepare yourself to fight.
  • Always play in a Group, make strategies and divide the work among players. Everyone will play with their duties such as shielding the ground, sheltering the corner, protecting from above, reloading the guns to kill the enemies, and supervising the ground. It will create a high chance for your team to win.  

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