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NGL Mod Apk
NameNGL Mod Apk
PublisherNGL Company
Size40.3 Mb
Mod InfoPremium Unlocked
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Introduction of Ngl mod apk

Ngl mod apk is a secret message conveying application. Ngl’s full form is “Not gonna lie”, where you can use it to transmit and receive secret messages from anonymous people. It can also be used as a game to convey and receive secret messages to your friends anonymously, to guess each other’s identity. The best feature of this app is that it keeps your identity secret while sending any anonymous message.

NGL mod apk

It is one of the most trustworthy platforms that takes users’ privacy and security seriously. This app has a friendly and simple user interface which is absolutely easy to use for new users. Ngl is quite approachable and you will not face any difficulty using it to send or receive messages. The most unique feature of Ngl mod apk is that it does not store user’s data, which means the data will be removed from the answering machine as soon as the receiver revives the anonymous message.

This means that the user’s messages are totally private. It also provides in-built video games in the app for its users. People also use the app as a secret message conveying site and paste its’ notes link into their social media stories to receive anonymous messages from their friends. It would be a fun activity to guess the friend’s name by his/her anonymous text.

Ngl users share these answers as posts on Instagram and attach this app to their posts. It allows users to get anonymous comments from their followers. The Instagram followers will check the link to know user’s feedback on the anonymous text. It is quite engaging and entertaining for friends and followers 

Download Ngl mod apk from happy mod apk pro by clicking on the download button, and enjoy anonymous texting.

App Survey about Ngl Mod Apk:

NGL is a social app for anonymous texting. It is specifically designed to make it easy for people to receive messages and opinions mysteriously from anonymous people. This app is completely secure and protects your data. After answering an anonymous message, your data will be deleted from the server.

The Ngl app is designed for users to get anonymous messages through a link shared on their bio or story. It works on different social media platforms and allows people to perform fun activities.The Ngl mod apk has many different features. It has multiple audio channels with several music playlists and fast search results.

It saves previously played music and restarts it where you stopped the last time. It also allows the users to track a particular location. It also provides many of the best assistance to multitudes of people. It provides many special features to its users as you spend your time on it. Ngl mod apk is available for PC with web and smartphones.

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How to Use the Ngl Mod Apk App:

Download the Ngl mod apk by clicking on the download button from our site to create an account. You will get an ID number to interact with other Ngl users. You can follow these steps to use this application:

  • Log in to your account, and click on the copy icon to copy your link.
  • Share the link to your Instagram story or in your bio. Your followers will click on the link to get directed to the Ngl webpage.
  • You can put the questions for your friends and followers to answer anonymously. 
  • They will answer and you will have to guess their identity.
NGL mod apk

Modded Features of Ngl Mod Apk:

  • Unlimited Questions/Answers 
  • Premium unlocked 
  • Data Deletion
  • Anonymous Response
  • Free user interface
  • Intensify speed

Unlimited Questions/Answers:

You can use Ngl mod apk to ask your friends and followers unlimited questions. There is no restriction on the topic or message limit. As it is an anonymous texting platform, its users can say anything to other users which they cannot say in person. They can also share unlimited questions in their social media stories.

Premium Unlocked:

Using Ngl mod apk you will be able to access its specific features designed for premium users for free. It will provide many pro features unlocked such as themes and customization options and many more.

Data Deletion:

One of the best features of Ngl mod apk is that it does not store user’s data and removes the data from its servers as the receiver receives his/her anonymous text. The data is private, and it can only be privately accessed.

Anonymous Response:

Using the Ngl mod apk, you will be able to respond anonymously to the users. It also allows many blog writers and companies to receive feedback responses to get better opinions and advice from anonymous followers. These responses will be genuine and private without the fear of being disclosed to a large group.

Free User Interface:

It is a free user interface without any ads or notifications. It reforms the users from political debates and disagreements to refrain from negativity.

Intensify Speed:

The app has an intense speed, and it works quite efficiently with the modded version. The latest version of Ngl mod apk is high spend without constant ads streaming or battery draining.

NGL mod apk

How to Install Ngl Mod Apk:

You can follow the steps to install Ngl mod apk securely on your smartphone.

  • Go to the download button and download the app
  • Next, go to the “settings” of your smartphone
  • Go to the “security section” and select on “allow download from unknown sources”
  • Now open the Ngl mod apk file and click on “Install” button
  • The app will be downloaded.

Final Words:

Ngl is a secret texting website that can send and receive anonymous messages to different people without revealing users’ identities. You can obtain unlimited features by downloading the Ngl mod apk from happy mod apk pro. This mod apk will allow you to access its premium features for free.

Download Ngl pro to talk with your friends and followers anonymously.


This app is entirely safe to download from happy mod apk pro. It secures all your album data on servers where no one can approach that data. It will automatically be removed from these servers after some time.

You can follow these steps to find Apk Files:

  • Go to Android Settings. 
  • Search and open the File manager. 
  • Click on data and then the application. 
  • You will find the Apk files in the application folder.

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