How to Level up Fast in Pokemon Go in 2023

Pokemon is a mechanical game that is played by many people around the world. When it was launched in 2016, players flocked to download the game on their digital devices and went outdoors to discover the different locations and catch the Pokemon individuals so that they could train in the game. There is the highest level the players can go up to is level 40, and then if they are trying to reach level 50, it is possible only when the players consider themselves the best Pokemon trainer out there.

It is quite hard to reach level 50, but not impossible, as it requires hard work and dedication from the players. In Pokemon Go, players use XP or experience points so they can level up themselves there. First of all, the players need to know how much XP they need to reach their desired level of level 50. There are different resources they can earn XP as players can fight with other Pokemon players, explore various locations in the real world, and also capture Pokemon, etc.

How to Level up Fast in Pokemon Go

once you have done these activities, you will get a lot of XP points and level up yourself in Pokemon Go as well. Pokemon Go has many tasks and missions for its regular players, and this game wants its players to crush their process to the topmost.  

How to Level up quickly from 40 to 50:

In Pokemon Go, players need different XP points for each level in a game; players need to be mindful of if they want to reach level 50. Players find no difficulties while they cross levels 1 to 40. These levels are not hard as compared with the highest level. At the level of 40 to 50, players can level up by capturing different Pokemon, using lucky eggs, also competing in a few raids, and sending gifts to their best friends. As long as you consistently do these activities, you will definitely reach level 50.

Here are listed the requirements needed to cross levels 41 to 50, so you can check your progress.

Level 41:

Pokemon Go, XP requirements are around 6 million;

  • Thirty raids must be won.
  • Earn 5 Gold medals at this level.
  • Snatch 200 Pokemon Go in a single day.
  • Fire up 20 times a traditional Pokemon.

The hardest challenge is acting in it and grabbing 200 Pokemon day to day. This is an exceptionally huge measure of balls in a day that they grasp called Pokeballs.

Level 42:

Pokemon Go, XP requirements are around 7 million;

  • Three great tosses are produced.
  • It uses 200 Juniper berries to help catch PokemonPokemon.
  • Use various things to evolve Pokemon 15 times.
  • Develop Eevee into its distinct expansions.

Players require little time while they develop Eevee, and then they elaborate on running around them as good friends.

Level 43:

Pokemon Go, XP requirements are around 9 million;

  • Five platinum stars must earn
  • Earn 100,000 Stardust 
  • Five traditional PokemonPokemon catch by players
  • Use 200 super efficacious charged raids.

At this level, players can have better accomplishments while playing. These raids can take a little time. 

Level 44:

Pokemon Go, XP requirements are around 11 million;

  • In the master league, win 30 trainer battles.
  • In the great league, win 30 trainer battles.
  • Battles league, for 20 times.
  • In the ultra-league, win 30 trainer battles.

Level 45:

Pokemon Go XP requirements are around 13 million;

  • Ten platinum stars must earn.
  • One hundred group Rocket Grunts must defeat.
  • Enhance 100 shadows Pokemon.
  • A group Rocket Boss, 50 times, must occupy.

Level 46:

Pokemon Go, XP requirements are around 15.5 million;

  • Achieve 100 field investigation challenges.
  • Within seven days, get a snapshot of a Pokemon Go in a row.
  • Figure 50 Great throws.
  • Hatch 30 eggs.

Level 47:

Pokemon Go XP requirements are around 18 million;

  • Make 20 platinum stars.
  • With the group of all distinct PokemonPokemon, win 30 raids.
  • Fire up three PokemonPokemon to their maximum CP.
  • Win a 3-star raid using PokemonPokemon Go with 1500 Cp or less. 

Level 48:

Pokemon Go XP requirements are around 21 million;

  • Run with your best friends 200 Km.
  • Players run 25 km eight times a week.
  • Make 300 hearts with your best friends.
  • Get 20 reminders from your best friends’ Pokemon.

Level 49:

Pokemon Go, XP requirements are around 25 million;

  • Thirty-five platinum stars must earn.
  • Get 50 auspicious Pokemon in trade.
  • 300 km at a distance, build 10 deals with Pokemons’ snatch.
  • Sending 300 gifts to their best friends.

Level 50:

Pokemon Go, XP requirements are around 30 million;

  • Reach rank 10 in the Go battle league.
  • Figure 999 great throws.
  • In the next five traditional experiences, snatch a traditional pokemon.
  • Conquer Go rocket leader team three times using PokemonPokemon with 2500 CP or less.

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Ways to leave up in Pokemon Go:

In Pokemon Go, players face no complexities while crossing the levels from 1 to 40. In this game, players get different challenges, and when they do their tasks well and complete the assigned challenges, then they will be rewarded with XP points. Players use complete raids, snatch Pokemon, and lucky eggs, send gifts to their best friends, and a battle.

Deploy Lucky Egg:

Players can plan to develop many PokemonPokemon with higher use of lucky eggs. Players spend their time between the shops, and the payout is 80 poke coins for one egg, and the cost of the lucky egg is about 500 poke coins. The payout of the lucky egg is $5.00, and the amount of 550 poke coins is $4.99 in the market. Lucky eggs are the best source to level up in this game. Players use lucky eggs to make the double XP, so they win the double reward and get access to many opportunities to earn more. 


Best Friend Prize:

There is a friendship group in Pokemon Go, and players make their friendships stronger by sending gifts to each other and a battle in raids together. With the help of friends, players can level up in a game. It is not as easy as it seems; players build collaboration with their friends for more than three months to complete the challenges. After doing these activities, they are rewarded with XP prize players get 3,000 XP if they are good friends, 10,000 XP get if they are best friends, 50,000 XP get if they are ultra pro friends, and if they are very close friends, then they get 100,000 XP.


Complete Raids:

Numerous raids happen in a week which allows users to get various XP points. In Pokemon Go, one medal and three medal raids happen, and its payout is around 3500XP and 5000XP. The mega raid also performs here, and its payout is around 10,000XP. In this game, raids enhance friendship status. Raids are critical but one of the fantastic ways to level up in this game. Players win the raids, and then they will be rewarded.



Assuming the players perform quite well and do well in all challenges and competitions, then they earn the XP. Improvement is one of the most dedicated ways of procuring XP from a lot of Pokemon. The approach to getting XP has been all through an extremely lengthy strike. This is an extremely fair method for achieving XP with very little action. Players conquered their game and got it. The Player’s advancement in each assignment is granted 500 XP with the 500 XP additional award.

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