How to Get Monk Set in Shadow Fight 2? [2023]

Shadow Fight 2 an Android game by KEKKI, is the latest edition of Shadow Fight. Shadow Fight 2 is a multiplayer game where players can team up with their friends to defeat enemies. Players can get the set of monks in their game by fighting with the military and killing their enemies. The players can get the monk set at the alliance when the military series goes on towards an endpoint. This strategy’s accomplishment will differ from the non-settlement of simple wizardry.

How to Get Monk Set in Shadow Fight 2

The players can achieve the set of monks in the military store by using 330 gems to purchase the woodland enigma chest. By buying the monk set, the players can achieve many objects and military products. The Monk set will enthusiastically traverse legendary wizardry. Players should unlock the Monk set before magnifying many items with turbulence span. Players can likewise get the Monk set towards the end of the game as a reward. If you become the top player, you would win the Enigma pack. Enigma pack contains the gems, and players can purchase the Monk set from the military store using these gems.

Set of Monks in the Shadow Fight 2:

The Monk sets will help the player to defeat his enemies by enhancing his powers. The Monk Sets of Shadow Fighter are enlisted below.

  • Monk’s Helmet
  • Monk’s Katars
  • Monk’s Shurikens
  • Monk’s Robe
  • Monk’s Amulet

Monk’s Helmet:

monk helmet

Helmets protect you from anything, anywhere. Therefore it has an important role in fighting games. As you pass the first step, you get a Monk helmet. The Helmet is a traditional attire as it is the armor of Kings. The monk helmet has many different colors.

Monk’s Katars:

Monk’s Katars:

2 Katars are part of the Monk’s weapons in Shadow Fight. As the battle is on the ending points, you win your rewards in the military chest. You can purchase different traditional Katars by spending your gems as you win the contest.  It is very difficult to kill the enemies in one shot because of using the Monk’s Katars. With your one hand, you have to hold Monk’s Katars and on the other hand, you have to wear knuckles. You will get your Katars when you pass your third step.

 Monk’s Shurikens:

 Monk’s Shurikens:

When you fight on the Battleground, Shurikens save you, and these play an important role when you fight with enemies. When you pass your second step, you get the Shurikens Monk.

Monk’s Robe:

Monk’s Robe:

Robe, which is also known as armor, plays a significant role in the game. Without the robe, you cannot fight with another player. All the players have to wear this traditional fighting dress to become a part of the military. In Shadow Fight, 2 players are trained to fight their enemies. You will achieve this robe monk when you pass your Fourth step.

 Monk’s Amulet:

 Monk’s Amulet:

An Amulet is one of the most famous rewards in the military chest which is received at the end of the game. You can obtain the amulet monk to unlock the mythical wizardry. You will achieve your amulet when you pass the fifth step.

All the Monk’s steps are unlocked at different levels as the player successfully completes them.

Conditions of the War:

There are some specific conditions of the game that need to be followed by the Shadow Fight 2 player. These are the compulsory conditions enlisted below

  • You cannot get blocked in Shadow Fight 2.
  • In Shadow Fight 2, you have to wear traditional fighting armor.
  • It would be best if you were fighting without weapons.
  • The area of the war can be heated up during the war.
  • You lose your game if you leave the ring in the Shadows Fight 2.
  • You can strike the enemies and win the battle by kicking them with your feet.

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Set of Sentinels in shadow fight 2:

The Sentinels set has many things to help the player during the fight and defense. These are enlisted below, along with their pictures;

1. Armor Sentinel 

1. Armor Sentinel 

2. Hand Sentinel

2. Hand Sentinel

3. Blades Sentinel

3. Blades Sentinel

4. Spirit Sentinel               

4. Spirit Sentinel               

5. Conical helmet Sentinel

5. Conical helmet Sentinel

Riding of Acts in Shadow Fight 2:

The riding acts in Shadow Fight are enlisted below:

  • Renewal
  • Restricted track
  • Blood Series
  • Retribution
  • Highest Impulse


In the war with brick, you can use brass knuckles. You can buy these knuckles from the military store to form a blacksmith. You will get a lynx defender, shin. It will help you at different levels. There are many characters which you will meet at different events.

  • Joker-knife
  • Monk’s-fight without any weapons
  • Madman-brass knuckles
  • Velvet-sai
  • Hunter

Lynx defender:

The defender buffet has the ability for a discharge effect. At the end of the battle, the defender cannot be seen. Only the blood reaper can help you. If you win this war, you will qualify for the next act.

Restricted track:

You can have a defender of your choice on the local track. You can also select your favorite weapon and improve your fighting skills.

Hermit defenders can help you at every battleground. You will have a meeting with many characters at the event.

  • Biblical
  • Ruffian
  • Insect
  • Precipice
  • Bugger

Hermit Defender:

  • The Dragon- with strong weapons
  • The Buffalo- with curved weapons
  • Praying Mantis- with Military team weapons
  • The Tiger- with Talon weapons
  • Crane- it is the pro of the battle.

Blood series:

After winning the second act, you will get a series of blood. Every player needs to win the acts in Shadows Fight 2. Players must fight hard to choose their favorite weapons, characters and defenders. All these things can help a lot to win the blood series. Butcher’s defenders are his favorite, and he protects the series of blood from his enemies.

Butcher’s Defender:

  • A bull – weapons are sticks.
  • The bird – weapon is like a hunting knife.
  • The Red – the weapon is traditionally Okinawan.
  • The Rhino – weapons are crooks.
  • The Reaper – the reaper’s is like a chain sickle.


You will meet many characters in this act of the game, Shadows Fight 2. The Wasp Defender has an active role in this act. It will help and protect the players as well.

  • The Fox– very cleaver brooks
  • Mongoose- friendly
  • Lily- has wings to fly
  • Pestilence- has two clubhouse
  • Lumberjack- Labyrinth
  • The older man- extremely intelligent

Wasp Defender:

  • The boatswain weapons – glaive.
  • Whaling weapons – a three-pronged span.
  • The shark weapons – wavy end-blades.
  • Broadsword – weapons consist of big steel blades.
  • The Kraken – weapons are like dado blades.

Highest Impulses:

In the next act, you will meet different opponents and you can make a partnership with many of them. The Widow’s defenders are the caretaker of it. 

  • Cleaver- us like blades.
  • Squirrel-tree-dwelling rodent
  • Thunder- crashing
  • Viper- chain sickle
  • Claw-a very sharp splendor and having curved nails.
  • Ataman-military force

Widow’s defender:

  • Puma – a unique chain sickle weapon of that is abstruse to the players.
  • The tour – weapons of the bear belonging to the military forces.
  • The bear – weapon is the northern mallet.
  • The wolf – weapon is like a steel blade.
  • Irbis – the weapons are the machinery bands.

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