How to Download Stumble Guys on PC without Emulator? [2023]

The Stumble Guy is one of the world’s most famous games which has gained huge success in a short time. It is a running and surviving game where the Stumble Guys have to run along with 59 other participants in a Battle Royale to win the marathon and reach the goal. The game is much like the TV show “Fall Guy”, in which the main character has a bean shaped body and stubby legs to run the marathon.

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How to Download Stumble Guys on PC without Emulator?

The player can jump, dive or dodge the hurdles providing a thrilling and exciting experience to the player. The player can play alone or in a group with friends for a group play. There are multiple maps to reach the goal’s location where the Stumble Guy can run independently or with his opponents. The graphics make the stumble Guys’ moves visually excellent. The player has to do various activities such as running a marathon, completing challenges, and solving mini puzzles to finally reach the goal.

Stumble Guy is an android game that is designed only for android phones. Many of the players want to access it on their computers but they need help to do so. But we will present you a way to download the Stumble Guys on your PC and enjoy the cinematic version of the gameplay.

Download: Stumble Guys Mod Apk

Steps to Download Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale on PC without Emulator:

You have to download the Stumble Guy on your PC by following the steps described here:

  • Open your computer browser and visit to install the Stumble Guy.
  • Click on the game and then click the download button.
  • Stumble Guys Game will be downloaded securely on your PC.
  • When the game is downloaded, go to the file location and click on the “Extract All” option to extract files from the zip folder.
  • After extracting the file, you have to place it on your PC and your download will be completed.
  • You will receive a blue informing message after completing your download. Go to the icon” action center” in the window search engine.
  • You will be given “change windows perceptive shriek settings” and select the 2nd option.
  • Now you will be able to play Stumble Guy on your Personal Computer without an emulator.
  • You can follow these steps accurately to install and download Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale without any difficulty.
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Free Stumble Guys on Personal Computers:

Recently, almost every game is being developed for the android or iOS manifest such as PUBG, Free Fire, Beauty Plus, and many other famous games are developed only for the smartphone manifest, which are only available at the Google Play Store. Many gamers enjoy games on their computers and they want to play these games on their PC.

For such gamers, we present you the solution of an android emulator. Using these emulators, you will be able to run any app on your PC which was designed for android. BlueStacks is a famous and safe android emulator, enabling Android apps and games to run and play smoothly on the PC. You would be able to use Stumble Guys Mod Apk on PC without any error or difficulty.

Install Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale on PC for windows 7,8,10:

Where most of the games are specifically designed for smartphones, the android emulators enable these apps and games on the computer and the user can access these on his/her PC. We have described 2 methods to download the Stumble Guys on PC for different windows.

Procedure 1 to install Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale for PC windows 7, 8, and 10:

BlueStacks is an android emulator for Windows which is widely used across the world. BlueStacks software is also available for Mac Operating systems and you will be able to use it on your Apple devices. You can use BlueStacks for this procedure to install the game. Follow the given steps to install it smoothly

  • If you do not have BlueStacks, then you can install BlueStacks Software by using the given link. It will be automatically downloaded.
  • Once the installation is complete, open your BlueStacks.
  • It takes time to run in the background. When it has opened, you can access its homepage.
  • Go to Google Play Store in the home and search for the application you want to install on your PC.
  • You can write Stumble Guy in your search bar and download the game.
  • When the game is downloaded, it is actually installed in your BlueStacks. You can access it anytime by opening BlueStacks.

If you have an Apk folder, you can also import your file to the Apk folder. You will also be able to update the game to its latest version.

Procedure 2 to install Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale for PC windows 7,8,10:

This is another emulator for windows 7, 8 and 10. Memuplay is more efficient and observes your data while you are active on it. It is a fast gaming emulator. You can download Stumble Guy Multiplayer Royal using the following method:

  • Install Memu Play on your Personal Computer by using the given link. Open the official website of this Memu play and install your software.
  • After completing the installation of Memu play open it and access its homepage.
  • Open the Google Play Store on the homepage of Memuplay.
  • Find the Stumble guys multiplayer Royale from the Google Play store, or write its name in the search bar.
  • Click on the installation option.
  • Once the installation is complete, you will be able to find the Stumble Guy on the homepage of Memu play.

Memuplay is a lightweight android emulator which takes up less space on your PC. You will be able to download and play any of your favorite games by using Memuplay.

Procedure 3 to install Stumble Guys Multiplayer Royale for PC windows 11:

If your PC has a strong capacity, such as

  • RAM is about 8 GB, 16 GB
  • Storage: SSD
  • Processor (8th gen Intel core i3AMD, Ryzen 3000, X64 or ARM64 game building).

You can use the following procedure to install Stumble Guy Multiplayer Royale.

  • Install the Amazon App store from the Microsoft store, then choose “get” to start downloading the app and direct download windows for Android.
  • When the download is completed, the Amazon App store and the windows system for android settings app will show in the start menu.
  • Open the app and create your account.
  • Go on the app to find “Stumble Guys”. 
  • Press the icon “open” and enjoy the Stumble Guys.

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