How to Change the name in Free Fire? [2023]

Free Fire is one of the World’s most famous action games. It is a multiplayer game where you can play with your friends, family, and many other players around the world. You can play Free Fire with them as a team, and you can also compete with them in the game as opponents. This game has many players worldwide and it has many servers around the world, maintaining your data related to Free Fire, such as your account information, score boards your achievements.

If you want to change your name in Free Fire then this is the right place for you. Read the article to learn how to change your name in Free Fire and its font style. We will also tell you how to change your nickname and your themes. Using these methods, you can choose different themes and font styles for your name.

Free Fire has a simple procedure to change anything you want related to your account. Many Free Fire players change their names, font styles, and themes to impress other players. It makes their gaming profile more attractive.


How to change the name in Free Fire GUILD:

  • Open your Free Fire account.
  • Click on Guild from the right corner of the tariff screen.
  • Select the Guild information tariff 
  • Click on the edit icon to rename the Guild tariff.
  • Enter your new name in the text box.
  • Click on “Confirm your name”.
  • It will take 500 diamonds to change your name in Free Fire.

How to change nicknames in Free Fire MAX for free:

Changing names into stylish fonts and themes is the trendiest thing in Free Fire. Many players change their names like this and many other support them for their trendy and unique names. As the new players join Free Fire, they spend their money to change their names and buy diamonds to get the name changing card. But now we will tell you a secret to change your name in Free Fire without spending any money. You can use the given methods to change your name for free.

  • Free Name Changing card
  • Free Diamonds

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Free name-changing card:

Many Free Fire players want to avoid spending money to buy name-changing cards. They can win the free name-changing cards as a gift for signing in to Newbie Deluxe Gifts. They can also win a free card by inviting a new player to the Free Fire game.

  • Go to Free Fire Guild section.
  • Complete its requirements, fight with the enemies and collect all the coupons.
  • Next, go to the Free Fire market and choose the Guild Rewards option by clicking on the icon of the Redeem section.
  • Click on the name-changing card by entering the given coupons.
  • Now you can go to the vault section to use your card and change your nickname.

Free Diamonds:

Players can avail of free diamonds through the Google Rewards App. It is the best company working along with many servers. Applying for free diamonds is extremely easy with Google Rewards App. Players can install Google Rewards App to make a profile. And then it will reward free credits to the players. You will be able to use these credits to buy Diamonds in Free Fire MAX.

  • Google opinion rewards App
  • Swagbucks


Swagbucks is like an online app store. You can play online games, shop, and visit many websites and ads. You can perform online pursuits in Swagbucks to earn money. The money you earn from this app can be exchanged with Google gift cards and for purchasing free diamonds.

Google opinion rewards App:

Google has designed a Google Opinion Rewards App. You can download this app from the Google play store to make an account. It will give you money to sign-in. Staying in the app and using it will also reward you with money. You exchange this money with Google gift cards to purchase free Diamonds.

Steps for changing the names in Free Fire MAX:

  1. Open your Free Fire game app
  2. Open your profile from the top-left corner
  3. Select the username icon
  4. Click on the “Change Username”
  5. Click it and players enter the new name
  6. Click ok, your name will be changed

How to Change Free Fire Pets Name:

You can change your pet’s name in Free Fire by following these steps:

  • Go to the pet’s sections and select the pet whose name you want to change
  • Select the edit option on the tariff screen.
  • Select the change nickname icon.
  • Write a new name on the text box and then click Ok.

 It will take 290 diamonds to change your pet’s name. You will be able to change the name of one pet at a time.


How to find Stylish names and symbols online in Free Fire:

Players find stylish names and symbols from any website to make their accounts attractive. The player can also create their unique name through the nick finder. You can follow these steps to create your own unique name:

  • Open your browser and write” Nickfinder” In the search box
  • Nickfinder’s home page has many nicknames for Free Fire. You will be able to edit any name you like.
  • Copy the edited name and paste it into Free Fire.
  • You can also create your own unique name by selecting the search icon of the Nickfinder home page.
  • Write your selected name on the search icon and click on the find icon.
  • You will receive your unique name in a short time on the home page.
  • You can create many more names by selecting the “Create another” icon.

How to change ID name in Free Fire Game:

You can follow these steps to change your ID name:

  • Open your Free Fire game
  • Click three dots on the top-right corner of your screen and open the “profile” icon.
  • Click on the yellow-colored button located below your game profile name. A pop-up box will emerge on your screen.
  • Write your nickname and click ok.
  • It will take up to 390 Diamonds to change your ID name.

How to Change the Name Fonts into Stylish Fonts:

You can use Nickfinder to change the font style. Using the following steps, you will be able to change your name font:

  • Open “Nickfinder” on your browser
  • Click on the “Hit text Generator”
  • Check out the fonts to find a unique one for your name
  • Click on it to select
  • Next, open the Garena Free Fire
  • Open your profile at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on the yellow ”pen and paper” icon
  • Click on the ”New Nickname” icon
  • Enter a new nickname for your profile
  • You can also change it by spending more on diamonds

How to Change Stylish Names and add Fancy Symbols:

You can also add different symbols to your names by using Nickfinder. Follow these steps to add symbols to your Free Fire account name:

  • Open “Nickfinder” on your browser.
  • Click on the “automatically generated” icon.
  • Copy your favorite name and symbols
  • Open the Garena free fire.
  • Open your profile at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Select the yellow “pen and paper” icon. 
  • Now open the “New Nickname” icon. 
  • Enter your new fancy and stylish name.

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