How to Buy Gems in Shadow Fight 2? [2023]

Shadow fight 2 is a famous action game where you can fight the demons to win the game. It has a magical storyline, and you will play the game to complete its storyline. You will play the game as a shadow warrior who is fighting against the evil shadows to protect the world from evil forces. You will have extraordinary weapons, powerful magic spells, and animated objects to fight against evil. Once you defeat all your enemies, you will become a titan.

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How to Buy Gems in Shadow Fight 2

In the game, you will get a few weapons and objects for free to fight against your enemies, but later you have to buy those using coins and gems. You can use money and gems to increase your life and power. Gems also known as ruby, are the premium currency in the game Shadow Fight 2 Mod Apk, which is accepted as a mode of exchange throughout the game. Gems can be used even for items which can be purchased using coins. Along with this, gems can also be used to purchase unique items in the game which are not purchasable using coins.

Gems or Rubies are quite difficult to get, and it needs quite an effort to win them as a reward. Players will have to win matches and tournaments in order to avail of these gems.

How to buy Gems in Shadow Fight 2 over coins:

There are different methods to get the gems in Shadow Fight 2. The gems collecting is so interesting that some players even play the game only for the purpose of gems collection. As these gems will help you to get any of your favorite items. The following points describe how you can avail of these gems.

  • Gems can be used to buy everything the coins can buy except knives.
  • By using many gems, players can set the perk tree again.
  • If you lose any tournament and you have many gems, it allows you to play the match against other teams to win the tournament.
  • For the legendary objects such as chief weapons and special tournaments, it appeals to fight with the weapons.
  • After winning the Ascension levels, the players can use gems to repeatedly twirl the riffle.
  • By using a few gems, the energy beam can be developed and can also be filled with many items.
  • If you have many gems, you can skip the time to buy things bought with coins.
  • Gems improve the quality of the top level items bought them.
  • With the help of gems, players can also purchase many diverse things, such as the bewitched objects, which cannot be purchased using coins. It will help the players to play Shadow Fight 2 with complete dedication.
  • When players purchase gems and improve their quality, this game has not set the time of the things, and then some of it can be utilized very soon.
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Methods of Getting Free Gems in Shadow Fight 2:

You can avail of the gems in Shadow fight 2 by using these methods;

Signs up on the Facebook:

Players get rewarded with 5 gems if they sign up for the 1st time and join their game Shadow fight 2 with their Facebook account.

Tutorial of the games:

Players can also avail of the gems through the tutorial of the game. When the player’s energy store is empty, the game tutorial will give them 5 gems. It’s up to the players to get the opportunity of getting gems.

Watching Ads:

Watching ads can also help the player to avail of the gems. 1 ad-watching will add 1 gem in the energy store. If you want to watch ads, click on the ads icon of the homepage. By watching the ads, players can get up to 10 gems in a day.

Buy In-app:

You can also purchase gems online for a specific price. By purchasing in the in-app store, you can get your gems.

Military tutorial:

Shadow fight 2 gives you 5 gems to buy at a little charge if you join the Military tutorial for the first time. It forces the players to buy little charges by spending gems and you do not have to skip them.

Fighting with the Chief:

If you fight with the chief for the first time as a new player, then Shadow Fight 2 will give you gems for free.

Tapjoy offers:

Tapjoy offers ads for different brands. They give some tasks to you, and after completing their tasks, Tapjoy provides you with some gems. If you receive the Tapjoy offer, you should go to the in-app store, and click on the “Get free Gems” icon to take their tasks. Tapjoy will only provide you gems if you complete their given tasks. 

Special Edition:

The special edition of Shadow fight 2 gives you gems after some tasks. You can receive the gems as rewards by battling, storyline, living, dueling and healing the old wound. The fight with the chief and tasks accomplishments in the special edition will reward you with many gems.


In Shadow fight 2, you achieve accomplishments after completing different tasks and levels in the tournament. If you win the game, Shadow fight 2 will reward you with 3 gems.

Military Gifts:

By joining the military, you can earn many rewards at the end of the tournament based on your performance on the board. This is an easy method to get the gems. By purchasing the Conqueror packet, you can receive up to 500, 1000, and 10,000 gems.

Advantages of getting Gems in Shadow Fight 2:

  • The energy bar is reinstated by using 5 gems.
  • The things are purchased or updated using coins; at that time, gems are used to convert the remittance time.
  • By spending 35 gems, the cherry tree can be replenished.
  • You can play the match again with your competitors by using gems.
  • You can purchase keys for the chief by spending gems.
  • You can purchase consumables like expenditures, keys, tickets, shadow orbs, etc.
  • When you fight with the chief, you can curve the waiting time.
  • You can set the time for the daily contests.
  • You can purchase boxes and special chests by using gems.
  • You can be updated to the top levels by using gems. Such as purchasing different objects with gems.
  • By using gems, you can rotate the lottery box again after its first rotation.

How to Get Free Gems in Shadow Fight 2:

You can avail of free gems in Shadow Fight 2 by utilizing the generator. It is a pro pack which excellently works along with your smartphones. It will allow you to avail of the unlimited gems for free. You can get the gems by completing different tasks. Players also battle with low headshot guns to receive gems.

Download the generator by clicking on the link to get free gems.

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