How Much It Weighs Subway Surfers? [2023]

Subway Surfers is one of the most famous running and simulation games, with 38 million players worldwide. It was launched in 2013 on the Google Play store and can be played on different operating systems. It has more than 78 million reviews on the play store and has 4.8 star ratings. There is a number of interesting characters to play the game.

The player has to run to collect coins and avoid the policeman with the stick and his animals. The player has to run as fast as he/she can to cross the hurdles and challenges in the pathways and collect as many coins as possible. Subway Surfers is interesting gameplay with outstanding visuals. It is designed for smartphones, but players can also play it on devices such as tablets or PCs.


People can easily download Subway Surfers from the Play Store. Most of the audience wants to know about the weightage of Subway Surfers to find out whether they can use it on their phones. Read the article to learn about Subway Surfers and how much space it takes up on your device.

How Much Subway Surfers Weigh

Subway Suffers takes up about 103 MB of space in your device. Compared to other stimulation and racing games, it occupies less space and runs smoothly. The game will not impact the phone if you have a good-quality phone. Rather you will be able to play the game with super-quality features. But if you have less space on your phone or your phone already lags, you will face problems while playing Subway Surfers.

Using a good internet connection with your phone, you can participate in contests and tournaments with other players worldwide. You will also be able to play with your friends online. Playing the game while connected to the internet, you can also update many of its features. But if you do not have an internet connection, you do not have to worry about it, as the game works pretty fine even without the internet. You can update the game whenever you find a stable internet connection.

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Overview of Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers was launched ten years ago from this date, and with more than 38 million players worldwide, it is still common among the players. It works excellently on different devices, and players enjoy the stimulation and acceleration experience. Subway Surfers is similar to Temple Run in many ways, as the player has to run, facing different challenges and hurdles to complete the mission.

As the player runs, there will be coins in the pathways. The player’s main goal is to collect as many coins and rewards as possible and avoid difficulties. The player completes the mission and collects coins to get promoted to higher levels. The coins collected will unlock different features in the Subway Surfers game.

The player can customize their costumes and characters and add an exciting touch to the game. The customization features can be availed by using the earned coins and rewards. The players can also use the in-app store to purchase the customization features. Subway Surfers also uses a variety of pop as the running help, such as magnets, sneakers, skating boards, etc.

Subway Surfers also have a variety of pathways and running platforms, and the player will enjoy adventurous running through these pathways.There are daily contests and running matches in the game, and you can participate in them to win many rewards and gift boxes. The gift boxes also have a variety of benefits and coins that can be used further in the game.

These can also be used to further update the running props and character customization. There are online seminars in the game that teach the players how to use different Subway Surfers features and rules and ways to earn handsome amounts of coins. It also supports multiplayer mode. The player can add friends from Facebook and run races with them.


Features of Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers have several fantastic features, and players can use these features to enjoy a stunning and adventurous run. Some of the game’s features are described below:

  • The game uses colorful visuals for the display.
  • You have to run to earn coins.
  • Get up on the trains and slopes.
  • The game has a jetpack initialized with a paint bottle.
  • Players can help their friends in the missions.
  • They can also compete with their friends to win the race.
  • You can play by tapping one finger on the screen.
  • You can receive many rewards and gifts.
  • You can use rewards to buy new characters.
  • You can also restart your game again when you are out by using keys to continue it.
  • You purchase keys to continue your game and be a top scorer.
  • You can also bestride your hoverboard and the train lines, the foam, and the splash on the sound of breaking waves.
  • Cross all the hurdles on your way.
  • You can purchase and collect new props to enhance your character’s skills.
  • In the new update of Subway Surfers, you can tour and run around various cities.

Update in Subway Surfers:

The latest update on the Subway Surfers is the addition of numerous cities of the world as the running pathways and the location of the game. The players can tour the whole world and run across various cities for different contests. Players will also use the online mode to become a part of an online contest between them and their friends around the world’s famous cities. Players will be able to update their Subway Surfers framework every three weeks.

Update Subway Surfers on Android Phones:

You can update Subway Surfers on your android phone using the following guideline:

  • Open phone Settings.
  • Search and open Application Manager.
  • Now select Google Play Store.
  • You can search the Subway Surfers by writing its name in the search bar.
  • Now open the game, and if the game is already installed, you will see two options; Uninstall or Update.
  • Click on Update, andyour game will be updated.

How to Download Subway Surfers:

Subway Surfers cannot be installed on windows 2018. But we can guide you about how to install this game on the Kindle operating system. Subway Surfers is not a high-power game as it has Ni big weights. It takes little storage in the phone. Therefore, Subway Surfers has no storage and weight problem for players. Everyone can download it and enjoy it. You can download the game from the website described below:

  • The iOS operating system: the Apple App Store.
  • Android: Google Play store.
  • Kindle Tablet: Amazon.

Install Subway Surfers Game on Personal Computer (PC):

  • Download Subway Surfer on your PC in zip format.
  • Download “AutoHotey.exe”.
  • Open the “Subsurf.exe”.
  • Click on the AutoHotkey file option. This file is compatible with the same folder.
  • Now open the “Subway- Surfers.exe” game and have fun playing the game.

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