How Many Free Fire Players in the World? [2023]

Free Fire is a third-person Battle Royale category shooting game. It was produced by a small Vietnamese company known as 111dots Studio. Free Fire is a multiplayer game, known as the Garena Free Fire as the 111dots studio was bought by the Singaporean Garena. Free Fire became their first proprietary game.

Free Fire is currently one of the world’s most famous game. Free Fire is a multiplayer fighting game of bullets. You can play with your friends and compete with your opponents. Many players love this game so much and want to be the top player of Free Fire. You can find the top players of the game and observe their skills and expertise and how they became the number one player of Free Fire.

How Many Free Fire Players in the World

If you want to know about the top player, read the article for detailed information.

All top players have almost the same qualities as every player plays with the same procedure. But they follow some secret tricks that make them better than millions of Free Fire players. Every player competes with other players to beat them to be the number 1 player in the world. All the Free Fire players take part in every Free Fire Event. They also have YouTube channels and high traffic on them. People watch their videos to learn new tips and tricks. Free Fire makes a new victory for almost 100 Million plus daily energetic players. 

Players Counter:

Live Players (LIVE)2,252,653
Agile/Active Players291,555,657
Spasm Viewers#N/A viewers

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Top Best Players of Free Fire in the World:

  • TSG Jash 
  • TSG Ritk
  • Sudip Sarkar
  • Sk SABAR
  • Sultan Rroslo
  • JIGS
  • Nayeem Slam
  • Rakesh0007
  • Gyam Sujen
  • Ajju Bhai 94
  • Nobru
  • M8N
  • White FF

TSG Jash:

TSG Jash is one of the world’s outstanding players of Free Fire. He is the top 1 player among millions of players. He is the broadcaster of the TSG family. Many people match him with TSG Rick, who is also a top-rated player and his partner. Season 12 was best for him because his score was 3354 this season. He is a Heroic Tier member and a duo member. He has his own YouTube channel with over 6 million subscribers. Many new players follow him to learn his tricks. Free Fire called him the World Free Fire Master player.


Raistar belonging to India-IND Server, is the world’s strongest and fastest player. He achieved many goals and became the world’s number 1 Free Fire player. Some players think he hacks many levels because of his rapid speed toward the top. However, he is an exceptional and challenging worker. He has approximately 63% rapid headshot. Raistar’s YouTube channel has over seven million subscribers. He is also famous on different social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Google.


Sudip Sarkar is also a famous Indian Free Fire player who belongs IND Server. He is an excellent player with unbelievable professionalism. Sudip Sarkar has a YouTube channel with over 5 million subscribers. Many free-fire users follow his channel to learn new tips from him.


SK SABIR also belongs to India-IND Server, as it is the world’s fastest server. SK SABIR is the best player with impressive characteristics. He is a BOSS group member and a severe player with good fighting skills. Season 10 was life-changing for him as he became well-known after it. His score is about 11703. His YouTube channel has four million subscribers. Compared to others, he has the highest headshots percentage.


SULTAN PRO SOLO is one of the best Free Fire players belonging to the Indonesia-ID Server. He is a Heroic Tier member. SULTAN PRO SOLO’s YouTube channel has over 9.5 million subscribers. He is also an NESC-IND member. His breastpin sharp end measures approximately 25098. No other player has the skills in comparison to Sultan. He is the number 1 player who completed all the levels of Free-Fire. Besides many difficulties, Sultan solved all levels and got several victories.


JIGS plays is a top Free Fire player who plays an incredible game. He has been a top player for a very long time. He is a Free Fire Guild leader and is well-known among the Free Fire clan. SK SABIR is also a member of this Guild. JIGS’ YouTube channel has 900k subscribers. He enjoys both single-player and multiplayer games.


M8N belonging to the MENA server, is the best Free Fire player. He is famous by the name M8N, but his real name is Almodah who belongs to Egypt. M8N is a strong player who plays using his four fingers with swift moves. M8N’s favourite bundle is blue criminal. His YouTube channel has 7 Million subscribers.


White FF is an epic Free Fire player. He has a high headshot percentage and shoots enemies with his gun at a very high rate. White FF has a YouTube channel with over 2.2 Million subscribers. He is quite famous as players want to see him in every tournament. 


Rakesh0007 is also a top player, with a high headshot percentage of about 95883 and kills many enemies. He belongs to the family of the Free Fire Guild. Rakesh 00007 is famous on YouTube as well, with 800k subscribers.


Ajju Bhai 94 is one of the most popular Indian Free Fire players on YouTube, with the highest subscribers. His original name is Ajay. The free-fire identifier for AJJU BHAI 94 is 451012596. He is also a most satisfactory Indian content creator.


Noboru is one of the famous Free Fire players. Nobru was named MVP in 2019. His noticeable quality is the company of the titles’ most identifiable players. Noboru created his team, Fluxo, which helps the incoming new players. He is the CEO and the captain of his Fluxo team. 

Best Free Fire Players of Pakistan 2022:

  • Legit Gamers
  • Barood Khan
  • Jk GAMEZ
  • Singnintim
  • GoD x Boss

Legit Gamers:

Legit Gamers is one of the famous Free Fire players of Pakistan. He started Free Fire many years ago but became successful in 2017. He has a YouTube channel, “Legit Gamers”, with 5 million subscribers.

Barood Khan:

Barood Khan is also one of the best Pakistani Free Fire players. He is known as a man of intelligence. He has a YouTube channel where he posts videos containing gaming tips and his success stories. People follow him to learn his tricks.

GoD x Boss:

God x Boss also known as MG boss, is Pakistan’s top-ranked Free Fire player. He created his YouTube channel in 2015, where his subscribers counter is invisible, but the viewer count is about 311,195 views. 


Singnintim, a Pakistani Free Fire player, is known as TIM FF. He started his journey of Free Fire a few years ago. He created his YouTube channel in 2020, which has over 546 subscribers. His viewer rate is about 9,339.


JK GAMEZ is also a Pakistani Free Fire player and streamer. His ID name is “JK GAMEZ YT”. He created his YouTube channel in 2019. His subscribers counter is also hidden but his viewer rate is over 141,262.

Best Free Fire Players of India in 2022:

  • Raistar
  • TSG Ritik
  • Pahadi Gamer
  • Bandage 99
  • B2K
  • M8N
  • Vincen 20
  • NTR Nobita

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